Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Motivation: The Big Deal in Big Chop

The route to naturalhood could be via transitioning for a long period of time or by simply being brave and cutting off all your chemically treated hair.  Now, the latter seem to frighten a lot of ladies looking to go natural.  The journey to healthy hair is one you need to be comfortable and confident to pursue.  How about I do my bit to relax you about your Big Chop scare, eh :)?  Take a look at these ladies in the limelight:

Alek Wek

Solange Knowles

Lauryn Hill

Raven Symone

Chrisette Michele
Won't you agree they look stunning with their cropped natural dos?  See, there's nothing to it.  If you'll still prefer a bit more hair after Big Chopping, wear instant weaves or extensions for length.  Hey, there's absolutely nothing wrong with faking it till you make, alright?  Accessorise, enhance your facial features with make up, put on a smile and work your TWA, girl :)! 

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