Friday, 17 February 2012

My Hair: Curly Half Wig Protective Style

Sensationnel Half Instant Weave. Style: Helena FM7029

This week and last week has seen me wearing this lovely curly instant weave.  I love the curls so much I've had to wear it for two consecutive weeks.  The compliments have been amazing too :)!

I  love half instant weaves by Sensationnel.  They're so easy and less fiddly to attach - and affordable too.  It comes with a large comb attachment to the front and a slightly smaller one to the back to secure it.  I tend to secure it a bit more with bobby pins.  Wouldn't want it flying off in public now, would we?  I prefer putting my hair in two strand twists and placing a wig cap on before wearing this style.  

Not only does my hair stay protected, but detangling on wash day is a breeze 'cause they were in twists. The cap also obscures the tracks of the wig. To give a fuller curly look, I separated and fluffed up the wig.  I plan to achieve this curly look on my natural coils with flexi rods when the weather improves.

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