Monday, 2 January 2012

My Hair, My Story - So Far.

Old twist out puff.

My natural hair journey was SO not planned!  Therefore, there are no pictures from when it all began - rather unfortunate.  I mean, I had no idea that's what I had embarked on, anyway.  The decision to let my chemically treated hair (relaxed) grow out was meant to be temporarily.  Until, I had figured out why my hair was speedily deteriorating in length and volume.

After my last relaxer in February 2005, I decided to wear braids and weaves just to let my hair grow.  The plan was to give my hair a break from relaxers for sometime, then apply the treatment again.
6 months post relaxer, I was boasting of about 2-4 inches of new growth.  At this point, it was difficult dealing with the two textures (natural roots, relaxed ends) I had going on.  My hairdresser suggested snipping off the relaxed ends.  The thought of short hair as opposed to my long tresses was not appealing.  In October 2005, I braced myself and Big Chopped , as it later became known to me.  I thought, I'll give my natural hair another six months, then relax it.  All I was interested in at the time was regaining the mid back length of hair I once boasted.  Surprisingly, after rocking my natural texture for a year, coupled with the compliments I received, the thought of relaxing my hair never crossed my mind again [hallelujah].  

A good couple of years into being Natural, I was still struggling with maintaining and caring for my hair.  I'll wash, blowdry and rock my TWA as that.  I put extensions in just to save me from dealing with it altogether.  Late 2008, alas, a saviour!  I found YouTube with all the lovely Naturalistas!  I couldn't be more happier.

March '09.  Early stages of mastering two strand twists.

July '09.  An attempt at Wash & Go.  Rather shrunken, but I LOVED it!

Today, six years and two months after I BC'ed, I stand before you as a full-fledged Natural :).  It's been such a learning curve and I've loved (still love) every bit of it.  What's your story so far?



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