Friday, 17 February 2012

My Hair: Curly Half Wig Protective Style

Sensationnel Half Instant Weave. Style: Helena FM7029

This week and last week has seen me wearing this lovely curly instant weave.  I love the curls so much I've had to wear it for two consecutive weeks.  The compliments have been amazing too :)!

I  love half instant weaves by Sensationnel.  They're so easy and less fiddly to attach - and affordable too.  It comes with a large comb attachment to the front and a slightly smaller one to the back to secure it.  I tend to secure it a bit more with bobby pins.  Wouldn't want it flying off in public now, would we?  I prefer putting my hair in two strand twists and placing a wig cap on before wearing this style.  

Not only does my hair stay protected, but detangling on wash day is a breeze 'cause they were in twists. The cap also obscures the tracks of the wig. To give a fuller curly look, I separated and fluffed up the wig.  I plan to achieve this curly look on my natural coils with flexi rods when the weather improves.

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Friday, 3 February 2012

My Hair: Ponytail Protective Style

We've had a rather mild weather for most part of this Winter in the UK.  This week has seen a harsher cold spell cast on us, brrr!!  If given a choice, I would rather stay home and wrap up my delicate coils in a satin scarf, [Sigh].

To preserve my tresses from the harsh weather, I've decided to protective style for the next couple of months or so.  I had a sew in for a little over six weeks from 9th December, 2011 to 24th January, 2012.  I plan to use instant weaves among others for this challenge.  This way, I can still moisturise and seal my ends every other day.  You'll be updated with the different protective styles I wear on a weekly basis.  Weekly styling is ideal for me due to work...and sheer laziness :).  Besides, I give my hair all the lurving it needs once a week - usually on a weekend.

Protective Style of The Week (PSTW):

Sleeked Ponytail  (bun'ed up)

I prefer 
instant weaves that closely match my curls.

Ponytail piece by Sensationnel

I used good 'ol Ecostyler Gel for the sleek look on clean and moisturised hair.  Night time routine is to simply mist my hair with water, seal with coconut oil and wrap it up in a satin scarf.  Next day's hair looks fresh and protected from any bitterly cold temperature.

Right, bring on the big freeze(!)  Not.

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